World Rabies Day and Rabies Awareness Week

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What does a kitten found by a group of little girls in a barn in New Jersey, and a Pit Bull puppy found by a family in a dumpster in North Carolina have in common?

 Both were taken home, passed around to family and friends and later found to have rabies.  Both of these incidents occurred this summer right here in the good ole U.S.A.  If you've been thinking rabies is a third world disease get informed.  Here in Indiana it is easy to get complacent because we do not hear about this on a local level very often.  While the incidence of rabies is low in our immediate are at this moment, we are surrounded by high incidence areas as seen on the map.  Wild animals, or even this little puppy and kitten are but a days car ride from central Indiana.  An interesting fact is that in the U.S. for every dog diagnosed with rabies there are 3 cats.  Yes cats are 3 times as likely as dogs to become infected.

Many people with house cats think that because their cat never goes out they don't need a rabies vaccination.  Consider these facts:  Bats are the most common reservoir of rabies in Indiana.  Bats frequently get into homes.  Cats are the most likely to catch a bat in our homes!!!!  Vaccination of pets for rabies is the most important and reliable way to prevent rabies in people.  Thats why the state of Indiana has laws that state that all dogs and cats must be vaccinated for rabies.  This week I will share on Facebook and google + interesting facts regarding rabies.  So join me on one of these sites to catch these important points.  Dr. Bob Mason

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