Dr. Bob Not Retiring

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DR. BOB IS NOT RETIRED! (OR EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT).  Rumors are funny.  Not sure how they start but people like to share them.  So I have grey hair!  I keep having people ask me and my staff if I have retired.  It is always "someone told me" type questions.  Well, not so!  Actually I am not even considering it at this time.  Ok I have reduced my hours downt to 40-50 per week so I guess that is kind of retired compared to my historical work hours.  I do take some time off but most of that is for continuing education.  So far this year I have attended over 60 hours of educational courses to improve my skills.   I love what I do too much to give it up.  I am not sure why any veterinarian would retire.  You get licked in the face and jumped on by happy dogs, rubbed by fuzzy kittens, and make tons of friends with the pets owners.  So everyone here is stuck with me for now.  I may be 62, but I think I still have 10 plus working years in me if God so desires.

I am blessed with a great staff of people that are all very dedicated and fun to work with.  My 2 associate veterinarians, Dr. Corey Swart and Dr. Katie Rigsby make it possible for me to take as much time off as I want or need.  Cara Schwartz my daughter and vet tech is also the practice manager so she keeps everything in line and the bills paid when Sue and I leave.  We have 4 incredible registered veterinary technicians that make everything easier and a staff of receptionists and assistants that take great care of you pet owners. Being a veterinarian in Kokomo, Indiana has been and continues to be extremely fun and rewarding.

When I am not at work I am in my garden or playing with my grandkids.  Why would I want to change any of this and sit around complaining about my fixed income!

Thanks to all of you for supporting the Jefferson Road Animal Hospital and Cat Clinic of Kokomo and I hope I am blessed to continue to serve you and your pets for many, many years to come.

Dr. Bob Mason

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