Make kitty’s doctor visit more peaceful!

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At the Cat Clinic of Kokomo, a division of the Jefferson Road Animal Hospital, we have a mission of providing the highest quality health care, in an environment conducive to the special needs of our feline friends.  We have designed a cat friendly space dedicated only to cats.  They have their own waiting room, exam rooms and hospital ward. The Cat Clinic of Kokomo has even been awarded the Gold Level "Cat Friendly Practice from the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

 As nice as the Cat Clinic of Kokomo is, we first have to get pet owners to be comfortable bringing in their pets.  We see so many cats with preventable problems, particularly diseased painful teeth and parasite problems that could have been resolved much earlier, and less expensively if we had just had the opportunity to examine the cat on a regular basis.

Two organizations, the Association of Feline Practitioners, and the CATalyst Council, have many resources to help you adapt your cat to a cat carrier, and reduce stress before leaving home.  There is product consisting of a natural pheromone (scents cats recognize that calms them) that can be sprayed in a carrier or on a towel in the carrier that can help many cats.  We can provide you with a pre-packaged "wipe" that is great for this purpose.

The doctors of the Cat Clinic of Kokomo also can prescribe medications for the most fearful cats that can be given in food at home 2 hours before the visit.  If needed, in the most fearful cats, we are able to administer a very safe sedative early in the visit that can be reversed if needed before kitty goes home.  We will never "manhandle" you cat, or take any chances of causing injury.

We strongly recommend at least yearly exams to help identify health issues that can be affecting your cat's quality of life and give you many more years to enjoy their love and company.   Dr. Bob Mason

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