Heartworm in cats

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Heartworm disease is a tragic deadly disease of dogs.  Many don't realize that it is much more tragic for cats.  We used to think that it was not that common and now we know why.  The major symptom is ACUTE DEATH. If a cat does not die suddenly from the disease the most common presentation is acute respiratory distress looking much like asthma.  It is currently thought that many if not most of the cats that are diagnosed with and treated for asthma like symptoms are suffering with heartworms.  One of the big differences between dogs and cats is that dogs can for some time tolerate many worms in the heart.  Cats on the other hand have severe cardio-respiratory signs with just 1 worm.  The American Heartworm Society has a great education site that explains the disease in detail.  You can prevent both heartworms and fleas for as little as $12.00 per month.  Due to the low number of worms necessary to kill a cat,  dedicated indoor cats are just as susceptible as an outdoor cat. Check out the American Heartworm Society's site for more information

Dr. Bob Mason

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